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July 20th
New Generation opens at Turnmills, hosted by Otiz F. Angel & El Chicano with an invite only policy. The promotion is aimed to create an active inner core of underground ravers. New Generation {host|organise} many more {events|acid nights|raves} in and around the Farringdon, Shoreditch & Brick lane area.

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Angel Begins: 1988
March Shoom re-locates to the YMCA on Tottenham Court Road, but there are still more people raving outside than inside! So Shoom moves to a bigger venue called Busbys. Many new people are exposed to the rave scene including , Dj El chicano, Letronic and Otiz F. Angel (younger relation of Buzbys head doorman).
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April 29th
An illegal pirate station called Obsession FM start their broadcast. The music policy for the station is 40% soul, reggae & 60% Acid house. The hook line – Ravers! Are You Obsessed? Was given birth. The partners, Richard Okuno, Sav Petriou, El Chicano, Roy Chen, and Otiz F. Angel openly dedicate their broadcasts to support warehouse parties & spread the rave underground movement.
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(A Tribute to People�s Princess: Diana)