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Inside Rave Story - Book1
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Inside Rave Story (Book 1)
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Rave Story (book one) was originally penned in 1997 and then published in the summer of 2000.
Based on true memoirs, the Rave Story trilogy chronicles the life journey of a youngster growing up in the London gangland of 1987 and follows his transformation inspired by the birth of the British rave scene.
Filled with sex, drugs, raving and vigilante violence, this riveting book still manages to exude knowledge and an hilarious sense of humour. Also later, the read balances out, expressing a mature, positive, uplifting message of self-belief and family values.

To date, thousands of people have read Rave Story and the number grows larger by the minute, giving people the essential historical roots to all sub genres of electronic dance music, while captivating anyone with an interest in the rave culture.


Synopsis of Rave Story


This riveting book details one man's early steps along the sinister side of clubland's Yellow Brick Road. It features characters easily identifiable from that allegoric tale. Angel is no Dorothy however and his own personal road is stained with blood, tragedy, and a curious mix of sex, drugs, violence, spirituality, street justice and morality. His tale propels you from the birth of the UK Rave movement to the club scene of today, through the burgeoning underground gang culture of 1980's Britain and the ever-present struggle of youth against authority. Each page is filled with exhilarating action, yet provides important historic information and a key to the roots of various dance music genres. There is something here that strikes a chord with being alive in each post-war generation. Whether we be Hippy, Mod, Rocker, Soul Brother, Hip-hopper, Junglist or Raver, there is a musical identification which we can all understand.



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Spraci Review

"This book is timeless. It deals with the difficulty of turning ones back on street life while not severing ties with relatives and childhood friends, the challenges of balancing a fast-paced, entrepreneurial career with raising of a family, and the struggle to achieve greatness when wealth, race and social background are against you. Unlike most other memoirs, Angel has chosen not to wait till his autumn years before telling his tale, instead writing Rave Story as the preface to a larger saga that is still rapidly unfolding."



Clubguide worldwide

Our youth is something we live through at the time and often take for granted, full of "firsts" and a plentiful supply of mistakes. We live it with an enthusiasm and energy which amuses, and frequently bemuses us in later life.

Rave Story reminds us to keep a lust for life as we can all relate to the dance halls, discos or raves of our lives and the pursuit of pleasure.

Here in these pages we find no self-doubt or regret, but 100% self-conviction and ambition. Angel has not only withstood the often frightening melee of his youth but has survived it and thrived.

He has gone on to tap a vein and channelled his experience and ambition into music production and showmanship.



Jonty skuff - journalist

Rave Story is a frank and captivating must-read for all aspiring entrepreneurs and pleasure seekers the world over. In this book we witness a young man's personal development and a form of salvation acquired through music. Many of us have dreams, but few of us dare to realise those dreams. One word we often use in life is luck, another is ruthlessness. Angel has found the words that drive him in his career whether experiencing failure or success. Those words are 'Love for life'.





Planet DnB

"This book has really got something for everyone. It touches on lots of issues and is a document of the highs and lows that happen in everyones lifetime. It's cleverly written and although there is a lot of swearing, Rave Story is captivating. I personally give it a 10/10"



The Word

"Rave Story 100% pulls no punches in its frank, situationist dialogue and is at times inspirational. It will strike a chord with anyone who has longed to claw their way out of a rut and make a run for success as their own boss, or push there way into the seemingly impenetrable monopoly of the Music Industry."